How to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris

Looking for how to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris? You have many options. The best way to get from CDG to Paris will depend on the number of people in your group as well as your budget. Because I know it’s a popular Paris activity for many, I’m also including the best ways to get from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris.

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Budget options to travel from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris

The RER train CDG to Paris is the cheapest option on a per person basis. Tickets for the RER from CDG to Paris cost €11.30 per adult although if you have Zones 1-5 Navigo or Travelcard you can use that instead. How to find the RER train at CDG? Simply follow the signs as you enter the arrivals area. You will find the direction to the trains well sign posted. Depending on which terminal you arrive in you may need to take the free shuttle transfer to catch the RER train CDG to Paris. Once on the train, it takes around 30mins to central Paris. Trains run every 10-15mins but do not run overnight. You can find more on how to use European metro trains here >>

The RER train works best for solo travellers or couples from short haul flights who pack light. There are no specific luggage racks on the RER trains and trains can be very crowded. Pickpockets ply their trade on this train route so keep your wits about you if you are tired or have a lot of luggage.

Once in central Paris you may need to either change trains or take a taxi to your final destination. You can use your RER ticket on the metro, but transferring from one train to another may require long walks in the station and multiple flights of stairs. Make sure you keep your train ticket until you have exited the station at your final destination. Ticket inspectors are plentiful and make no allowance for jet lagged visitors with too much luggage just arrived in the city – you will be given a fine, making for a very expensive trip.

The Roissy Bus from CDG to Paris is another good budget option. The Roissy Bus CDG to Paris departs from all Charles de Gaulle terminals, taking around an hour to reach rue Scribe at the side of the Opera Garnier in central Paris. The Roissy Bus costs €13.70 and you can use your Zone 1-5 transport pass. Tickets can also be purchased from the machine at the pick up point. The pick up point for the Roissy Bus is well sign posted as you exit the terminal and tend to be undercover.

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The Roissy Bus runs every 15-20mins and every 30mins between 8pm and midnight. There is no overnight service. There is limited luggage rack space, making the Roissy Bus CDG to Paris better for one bag travellers.

The Roissy Bus takes around an hour to reach rue Scribe, but you should allow for extra time in peak travel times. From rue Scribe you can either grab a taxi, walk or take the Metro from the nearby Opera metro station to reach your final destination. Make sure you allow for the cost of reaching your final destination when you are planning to use the bus. Pickpockets are not a particular problem on this bus, although you should still be sensible with your belongings. This makes the bus the best way to get to Paris from CDG for budget travellers.

bus on the road in central Paris how to travel from charles de gaulle airport to paris

Charles de Gaulle to Paris by Uber

Uber is an easy option from CDG to Paris because it works exactly as it does at home. Book your Uber on the app, pay on the Uber app, then track and meet your driver at the assigned location. There are some things you need to be aware of before you choose to take an Uber from CDG to Paris. Firstly, Uber uses surge pricing for trips from CDG to central Paris, so depending on when exactly you are travelling, an Uber may cost more than a fixed price taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris. Because they are private rather than commercial vehicles, there are restrictions on where Ubers can drive. They can’t use bus lanes in central Paris or express lanes on the road into Paris from Charles de Gaulle, so can take longer than a normal taxi. Unlike taxis, Ubers can’t drive into pedestrian streets to drop you at your hotel.

Taxi CDG to Paris

The taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Paris is a good option for those travelling in a group, with children or for those who just want to be taken directly from CDG to their Paris hotel. Fixed price, the taxi from CDG to Paris costs €55 to the Right Bank of central Paris and €62 to the Left Bank. This includes transport and luggage for up to 4 people (costs more for larger groups and very early and very late). There is no additional charge for luggage.

The fare for a taxi Paris to Charles de Gaulle are the same as travelling from the airport, however, you will need to pay a booking fee of €4 for an immediate booking and €7 for an advance booking.

It is not difficult to take a taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Paris, but unfortunately there are Paris taxi scams operating out of Charles de Gaulle. To ensure you aren’t a victim you need to strictly follow these instructions.

From the arrivals at CDG Paris follow the Taxis signage to the correct exits:

  • Terminal 1 exit 24 on the arrivals level;
  • Terminal 2A exit 6;
  • Terminal 2C exit 14;
  • Terminal 2D exit 7;
  • Terminal 2E gate 10 on the arrivals level;
  • Terminal 2F gate 11 on the arrivals level;
  • Terminal 3 exit of the arrivals all;
  • Terminal 2G the blue gate.

Do not follow anyone offering to direct you to a taxi. Only use these exits.

There are official taxi ranks that well marked and are patrolled by marshals. This is the only place you should get a taxi.

Official Paris taxis are often (but not always) white, but always, always have the signage on the top as per the photo above (the green light may or may not be on). If the taxi you are about to get in does not have the signage on top it is not an official Paris taxi.

Before you get in the taxi confirm the fixed price with the driver. By law Paris taxis are meant to accept credit cards, but in our experience, drivers will use any excuse to get out of taking them. If you want to pay by card, confirm that with the driver before you get in. Unless you are travelling in a larger group or have a large amount of luggage you will not pay more for a taxi transfer CDG to Paris. If you are unsure whether what you are being told by the driver is correct, check with the marshal (When you are returning to CDG from Paris by taxi you will pay extra if you call or book a taxi – this is normal.)

Larger taxis are available for groups and you can also request seats for babies and children although you may need to wait longer. Extra fees may apply for these options.

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Things to avoid when travelling by taxi from CDG to Paris:

Taxis CDG to Paris do not tout for business inside the terminals. If anyone approaches you offering a taxi, do not engage and under no circumstances follow them or allow them to direct you. You will be directed away from the official rank to a pricy private transfer.

If you are travelling in a small group or solo with a moderate amount of luggage do not agree to pay extra for luggage. Extra fees only apply for the 5th passenger onwards.

At your destination if your driver tries to charge you more than the fixed price to central Paris, get the details of their company, their taxi driver number and the taxi registration plate number. Report them to the company.

Airport Charles de Gaulle to Paris by private driver

Chauffeur in hire car in Paris how to travel from charles de gaulle airport to paris

If you are travelling in a group or with children, or just don’t want to have to fuss about when you arrive at Charles de Gaulle, a private driver is a good option. Someone who will meet you in the arrivals hall, help with your luggage a private driver to Paris takes the hassle out of arriving in Paris.

You need to plan ahead to book your private transfer CDG to Paris. You can book your private driver here >>

When you book it is normal to add your flight information and what time you want to be met – allow at least 30mins to get through Immigration and collect your luggage. This means your driver will know if you are delayed, or look like being a little early. Your driver will also know if your arrival terminal has changed. Companies normally include a period of waiting time – check the details when you book.

When you land, check your phone as some drivers will message you to say they have arrived and where you can find them. The driver will normally be holding their phone or iPad with your name at the appointed meeting place. Good companies will ensure you have the name of your driver and often will also include a photo of the driver when they confirm your booking. Make sure you have the right driver.

For a good quality English speaking private driver at a good price we use and recommend Welcome Pickups. You can book your English speaking driver with Welcome Pickups here >>

Travel from CDG to Disneyland

Disneyland Paris castle fantasy land

If your Paris itinerary starts at Disneyland it is quite easy to go directly from CDG to Disneyland Paris.

The train CDG to Disneyland Paris

The train from CDG to Disneyland Paris quite straightforward and for many visitors will be the best way to get from CDG to Paris Disneyland . Frequent TGV trains will zip you from Charles de Gaulle to Marne-La-Vallee-Chessy in around 10minutes. The train timetable varies quite a bit, but you shouldn’t need to wait more than 30mins or so for a train. There is luggage storage on board, but be alert, as some trains are double deckers and you may be required to carry your luggage up the stairs if you find yourself in an upstairs seat. TGV trains require a booked ticket and reserved seat. The current 2nd class adult ticket price is around €30. We use and recommend Trainline to book long distance trains in France. Just make sure you allow plenty of time to get through Immigration, collect your luggage and get yourself to the Charles de Gaulle TGV station at Terminal 2. Book your TGV tickets to Disneyland here >>

Marne-La-Vallee-Chessy railway station is directly outside the entrance to Disneyland Paris, so you will need to either walk or take a taxi to your Disneyland Paris hotel.

CDG to Disneyland Paris by shuttle

Let the magic start the minute you land with a transfer to Disneyland by the Magic Shuttle.

To find your Magic Shuttle proceed to the welcome desk at CDG Airport between 2F and 2E. The shuttle departs every 45minutes for drop off at Disney hotels. For pick-up at CDG Terminal 1 a Magic Shuttle greeter will assist you. The Magic Shuttle to Disneyland Paris costs €23 for adults and €10 for children aged 2-11. Transfers operate between 9am and 6.30pm. Tickets include free wifi and can be cancelled without penalty up to 24hrs prior to your booking. You can book your Magic Shuttle tickets here >>

Taxi CDG to Disneyland Paris

A taxi from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris costs around €90-100 – Disneyland Paris is well outside central Paris so the fixed price fares do not apply. Taxis should be picked up from the official airport taxi rank, and all the rules to avoid Paris taxi scams apply.

Welcome Pickups CDG to Disneyland Paris

Our preferred private car service operates a service from CDG to Disneyland Paris. The price will vary depending on your arrival time and the number of people travelling but expect to pay €150 for a family of 4 including luggage (there are extra fees for the provision of car seats etc). Book your Welcome Pickups Disneyland Paris transfer >>

More information on Charles de Gaulle transfers

For more information on transport options on how to travel from Charles de Gaulle to Paris, the official Charles de Gaulle airport website has maps and other useful information.

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